Our Available Prints

Meet the Prints!

All of our prints are hand drawn by Isabella herself, and then printed onto fabric to be made into fabulous slow fashion garments!

In Stock Prints

These prints are fabrics I do my best to keep in stock and on hand! They are the most popular, and will change from time to time based on order popularity! 

Off Hand Prints

These Prints are used on some garments, though are not as popular, so to reduce waste, these are ordered in for orders! There is no up-charge for ordering a garment made in this print, but if you choose to have a different garment made in one of them, an invoice for the fabric upgrade will be send post purchase- or send me an email prior to and I can send a custom invoice with the cost! 

"Retired" Prints

These prints are not currently used, though they are still available to be ordered in for you for an extra charge! Price varies per garment! Invoice will be sent post order- or email before and I can send a custom invoice with the cost included!