Ready to rock away the winter blues? Here are some Slow Fashion Pieces you NEED this season!

Now now, I am not at all saying that these pieces will kick away the winter blues entirely, though I believe that they will help... Now reader I am no expert on this, but I do know a lot about clothes.. I think!! (Please tell me you read that in the voice from Bridgerton because that was every bit my intention).

Recently, I added a new fabric to my arsenal.. It's gorgeous comfortable, ahhhhmazing! This new fabric is a 95% organic Cotton Rib knit (5%Spandex)- and it is digitally printed in a handful of my hand-drawn, brand exclusive prints.

Why do I mention this you ask? Great Question! This fabric makes the most comfortable garments ever, and printed in such joy inducing prints, they're sure to brighten your mood in even the bluest of days.. So let's get on with it and I'll show you the clothes now.

Both outfits pictured above are a variation of the Lilly Top and the Zoey Pants- both of which are made in this lovely rib knit I mentioned, and are beyond comfortable. 

The Zoey Pants are soo cute and comfortable, they have an elastic waistband, and because the fabric is also stretchy, they shrink and grow with you all day long. Plus they're quite a flattering fit!

The Lilly Top is ultra cute, so versatile, and also comfortable! The bow in front is chef's kiss, and I know it will be a fun piece to style all year long.. and FEEL SO CUTE IN!

Rainbow Lilly Top:

Rainbow Zoey Pants:

Strawberry Zoey Pants:

Pink/Red Check Lilly Top: To shop the whole collection!

Next up we have the Rue Top! Now, I truly believe that the Rue Top is an essential! It's a warm, layer-able turtleneck! Plus it's way too cute in these prints! 

And paired with the Strawberry Rue, is the ocmfiest, most flattering skirt you ever did see- The Blair Skirt!!! Amazing!

Flower Print Rue Top:

Strawberry Print Rue Top:

Blair Skirt:


And finally, maybe my favorite piece of all:

This is the Cleo Dress! I love it for many reasons: It's flattering, it's warm, it's comfortable, it's not too tight, its adorable, there's so many ways to style it, and it's made with love just for you!!

Cleo Dress:


Anyway, thank's for checking it out! Every piece from my brand, Isabella Eve Apparel is made to order just for you, so if you have a desire for any customizations, well, I can make it happen!!!




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