One Woman Show

Hi! I am Isabella, and yup, you read that right, Isabella Eve Apparel is entirely a one woman show:)

I have my hands on the entire process, from designing the garments, drawing my fun and funky prints, cutting + sewing, pattern making, and all of the other aspects of running a business!

There's no lack of love behind the production of your garment when it comes from me!

Thanks for being here and supporting my dream!!



Made to Order

All of my pieces are made to order, which means just how it sounds- all garments are only made once their ordered! This system allows you to make customizations- whether for aesthetic reasons or for fit, and it allows me to reduce waste as I only make what is needed!

This does also mean that your garments will take a little longer to ship- learn more about my turn around time by clicking the button below:)

All About the Prints!

Not only are Isabella Eve Apparel styles ethically made and planet pleasing, but they're totally unique! I (Isabella) draw all of the prints myself and get them digitally printed onto fabric! This also means all of these joy inducing prints are exclusive to the brand. You're 1 of 1 and you deserve clothing that is *almost* as unique as you are!

See more about the Prints!
  • Made to order

    Not only does the made to order system allow you to make customizations, but it reduces waste (and excess labor, we're about fair and ethical garment making here)! Only what is needed is made, so that means scraps are also only made for what is needed! This also means there is not an excess amount of garments just sitting around to possibly end up as trash... yes brands do this!!!

  • Minimal Waste

    I make all of my patterns myself! I try to make all of my patterns as minimal waste as possible- this means I find ways to fit my pattern pieces to use up as much as the fabric as possible, and to also leave any scraps in nice large + useable pieces! I also save all scraps to be used in future projects (well except for tiny unusable ones)!

  • Natural Fibers

    Now, I am a little more lenient when it comes to this compared to some other brands, but I always choose natural over synthetic! The only place where I do have a little leniency is in my knit fabrics- these are 95% cotton, but there is 5% spandex- I do choose to go this route over a 100% knit fabric because I do think getting more wears is more important! The 5% spandex does allow the stretchy fabrics to hold their shape more and sag less- no one wants saggy!

    Otherwise, I choose 100% cottons because I believe that natural fibers are bettter (they're not plastic) and they feel better!


I offer sizes from XXS-5XL + custom sizing free of charge for any body! Custom sizing is for anyone, whether you're outside of the sizes I do offer, if you're between sizes, or if you just want to get some thing extra special and made just for your body! Since all of my pieces are made to order though, you can also select one of my sizes and request adjustments to those measurements as well (for example you can order a size medium, and request 2 inches added to the hips)!

I have a size chart to help give you a better idea of the body measurements my patterns are based off of, and I also am in the process of including garment measurements to all of my product listings to help you even more! I'm always happy to help when it comes to sizing/measurments, so feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Garment Care

It is a sustainable practice to wear our garments more rather than to wear multiple garments only a handful of times. To keep your garments looking good for as long as possible, we recommend washing only when necessary. This means not washing your garments after every wear, but only when they get dirty!

When washing is necessary, wash on a cold gentle setting, and don't use any bleach or any other harsh chemicals. We suggest air drying, though if you're in a real pinch for time, dry on the coldest, most gentle setting! If your garment needs pressing, iron it with the cotton setting- to best remove all wrinkles, iron it while the garment is still damp!

If your garment begins to show a lot of love (wear & tear), there are tons of ways to use patches, decorative stitching, and more to bring your garment back to life!

Other FAQ's

For any information on what to do if your garment doesn't fit, shipping, and more, check out my FAQ's Page! Still can't find your answer? Reach out, I'll be happy to help!