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Made to Order

Good things take time! Our garments are made to order- this means that they're only made when they're ordered.

This system is better on the planet as no excess scraps will go to waste! Only what is needed is made!

But because of this, please be patient in waiting for your order - we ask for up to 28 working days for your order to be made and shipped.

About Made to Order


What is your turn around time?

Unless noted during special circumstances, all orders are made to order!

Most orders are sent out within 7-10 days of purchase, though understand that in busier times, they may take up to 28 working days to be sent!

If you're in a pinch, and need a garment within a certain amount of time, please email before purchasing and I will let you know if it is possible, or can offer a rush fee to get your order pushed out quicker!

I'm always happy to answer turn around time questions!

Reminder that by purchasing, you accept our turn around time!


Can I make changes/customizations?

Yes! Because garments are made to order, you can absolutely make changes/customizations! Products will all have a notes box for you to enter any requests!

*Note that some changes may require extra payment after purchase- For example turning a dress into a jumpsuit, adding a collar, adding a significant amount of length, etc. Feel free to send an email if you have any questions about any customizations and whether or not it can be done or not!

Returns/Refund Policy

Garments are made to order, meaning they're only made when you order them, so because of this we are unable to accept returns or refunds on orders. We do offer alterations on pieces if the fit isn't quite right for a small alteration fee.

All custom size garments are final sale, and we can not accept returns/refunds on these, so please take caution in measuring yourself, and reach out of you have any questions in regards to your measurements.

If your order from one of our "set sizes" and the size is wrong, we can offer an exchange for another size or alterations if the fit is only slightly off! Exchanges must be sent back within 14 days of receiving, and should be unworn (other than initial try on) and with original tags.

Isabella Eve Apparel is not responsible for shipping fees on exchanges or garments sent back for alterations.

Exchanges will be made for size only!

Sustainability Efforts

No factory here!

All of Isabella Eve Apparel Garments are made to order, or in very small batches by Isabella herself. This means no overproduction!

Garments are made to order, which means no excess waste- and all scraps are saved to be made into accessories or used for future projects.

Only natural fibers are used for our garments, and our prints are digitally printed which is a technique that saves on water!!

We also create minimal waste patterns to maximize the use of fabric and reduce scraps.

We're always looking for ways to be more sustainable!

More FAQ's

How Can I get custom sizing?

To get custom sizing, select the "custom" option under the sizes when you place your order. Then in the notes section of check out, be sure to include all of your measurements (follow our measurements guide).

If you are in a rush to check out, you can send us an email with your measurements after purchasing. Include your name and order number in the subject line.
If we do not receive your measurements within 72 hours of purchasing, we will refund your order.
Note that the lead time for your garment does not begin until we receive your measurements.

How Can I get a custom garment?

To get a custom garment, head to the "Custom Garment" tab on our website. Start out by filling out the form, letting us know what you're looking for!!
From there, we will work together! Once I look over your request, I will send you an email requesting any more details I may need. Once all details are established, you will receive an invoice!
Once paid, we will get to work on your one of a kind garment :)

What is your return policy?

As our garments are all made to order, we do not accept returns. This is because garments are only made when an order is placed, if no orders were placed, then there would not be any garments made.
That being said, if your garment does not fit, we are more than happy to offer alterations. (Within moderation)
For alterations, please reach out to us through "Custom Request Form" and label it as an Alteration Request.

For custom sizing, please take extra care in measuring yourself to avoid any problems - If your custom sized garment has fit issues due to improper measurements, a small fee will be charged for alterations- though on any garments, if it is a size mistake on my end, alterations will be made free of charge.

Alterations on orders will be bumped ahead on my orders list to get it back to you as soon as possible!

Any remnant/sample sales are nonrefundable.

For Ready to ship pieces: Returns are not accepted, but they can be exchanged for different size if needed! Do note that stock for ready to ship is very limited, so you may have to wait our normal turn around time for the new size. Please reach out within 14 days of receiving package. Exchanges must be returned with no signs of wear, and tags attached. Exchanges will not be accepted for different prints/products at this time. 

What is your lead time?

Our lead time largely depends on the volume of orders placed. I do try to keep more accurate updates on current lead time on my Instagram - though if you're without social media and curious about current lead time, feel free to message me and I can give you an update.

Though, please do be patient with me and grant me that 28 working days! I always do my best to get things out AS FAST as I can because I know how hard it is to wait for an exciting package!

Each garment is made by hand, and takes anywhere from 2-6 hours to make. So that being said, we do ask for up to 28 working days for your garment to be made and shipped. This could be sooner, and we will do our best to get it out as soon as we can, though we ask that you wait the 28 day lead time before asking about your order!

We're not a fast fashion brand, babes! 
Lots of love goes into the labor!

What do you do to be sustainable?

Our goal is to make fun clothing that pleases the planet.
All of our garments are made to order. Everything that is made is ready to go to a home to be worn and loved! No unnecessary garments, scraps, or any materials will go to waste.
All of our fabrics are dead-stock, remnants, or organic cotton! 
All of our patterns are made here, and made to use as much of the fabric as possible! We arrange our pattern pieces on the fabric to leave as little scraps as possible. We then save all scraps to be used in later projects:)
Finally, when it comes to after-purchase care of our garments, we recommend washing only when it is absolutely necessary! When washing is necessary, we suggest that you wash on a cold and delicate cycle. Don't use any bleach! And air drying is highly recommended.

How/Where/Who are your garments made (by)?

All garments are designed and made by Isabella in her in-home studio! If order quantities necessitate it, freelance sewing help will be hired at a livable wage!

How will my item be shipped?

All US orders will be shipped via USPS. Shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order and USPS's current shipping prices.
For international orders, USPS international shipping service will be used- shipping cost is determined by weight of order and USPS's current costs.

Notes for all products:

Please note that the patterns of prints/colors may vary from product to product. No two garments are exactly the same. Print/pattern placement will vary. 

Due to the nature of the printing process, there may be some small imperfections- I always do my best to avoid these if I notice them (print marks, color bleeding, etc) - though on occasion there may be a small mark that slips past me- this does not effect the quality of the garment in any way! 

I use all efforts to match the colors of the garments in the images to the real life colors, though note that there may be some slight differences.

For Custom Sizing/Print orders: If you choose "custom sizing" or "other print" please send your measurements with your order in the notes section at check out. If you're unable to do so right away, that is ok, you may send an email with your info after! But please do so with in 48 hours to guarantee quickest turnaround time.

If measurements or print selection for custom sizing or "other print" are sent in later than 48 hours after order is placed, your turn around time (up to 28 working days) will be updated to the date I receive that information from you! (as I can not make your garment without this information!)


For custom sizing: I am not responsible for garments that do not fit if you have given me the wrong measurements, so please be extra careful in taking your measurements and sending them to me! :)


If you have any more questions, feel free to send an email over on our CONTACT page!