The Sustainable Fashion Brand you NEED to Know About!

The Sustainable Fashion Brand you NEED to Know About!

Is this for SEO, uh- yes. Do you need to know about Isabella Eve Apparel? Also YES!

Elle Pants and Elle Tanks are the garments shown! They're some of the most popular pieces at Isabella Eve Apparel.

Isabella Eve Apparel is a sustainable slow fashion clothing brand based in Michigan. All garments are made to spark joy, and make the wearer feel comfortable all day long, but also garner smiles wherever they go. Their pieces stand out with bold colors, and their hand drawn, exclusive prints!

Because of the efforts Isabella Eve Apparel makes, you can feel good about your purchase. 

All Isabella Eve Apparel garments are made to order just for you, and can even be made to your measurements for no extra cost!

In order to reduce waste, all patterns are made to strategically to use up as much as the fabric as possible! Any scraps are saved to be made into accessories, or patchwork projects. (Even the tiny pieces have a use, they can be used them to stuff a flat throw pillow or dog bed!)

Only natural fibers are used for their garments. Say no to micro plastics, you won't find polyester here! All solid pieces are made from 100% cotton, and printed pieces are printed on a super soft 100% organic cotton sateen.

Speaking of the prints, all prints are drawn/designed by Isabella (the owner) herself! They're then turned into a repeat pattern and digitally printed onto fabric.

Another sway the brand is sustainable is because of the made to order system. Made to order means exactly what it sounds - the garments are only made when they are ordered. This means only what is needed is used, so there is no unnecessary "waste" or garments sitting in stock that don't sell! Plus it gives the customer options for customizations, which is awesome.


Anyway, if you've been looking for a way to add some joy to your closet in a sustainable way, Isabella Eve Apparel is the brand for you! Check out all they have to offer at their site

This is the Fiona Dress. It is a pastel rainbow print dress and is very flowy.

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