What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion

Hey there! When you come across my brand, you hear me talking about "slow fashion" all the time! And I realize not everyone knows what it means exactly- or the definition of it can range from person to person depending on how they interpret it! So, to clear the air, here is where I discuss what slow fashion means specifically to Isabella Eve Apparel and why it is the better option than fast fashion!

What is Fast Fashion and Why is it Bad?

Fast fashion is cheap, trendy, and mass produced clothing. The garments appeal to customers because they're very affordable, and generally made based on the most recent fashion trends. Though fast fashion has a huge impact on the environment, and behind the scenes it is very unethical!

In fashion, trends come and go every single day- and these fast fashion brands are on it to make these trends and sell them as fast the trends change.

I wrote and rewrote paragraphs on the negative aspects of fast fashion like 3 or 4 times, but it turned out way too long each time, so I'm going to sum it up for you all, and if you'd like more information, reach out, I'm happy to discuss it further!!

First things first: fast fashion is a huge contributor to pollution. This is from both the waste the factories produce, and the clothes people throw out post consumption! 

Fast fashion brands are not ethical. They overwork and under pay their garment makers. They work them in unsafe conditions, and many of the workers wouldn't even be able to afford the garments they spend all day making! Think of the Dhaka Garments Factory collapse in 2013.

Fast fashion garments are made cheaply and with poor quality (man made) textiles. These man made textiles are plastic. There's really nothing good about plastic! These garments will not withstand wear overtime as they haven't been made with quality and structural finishings!


What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is exactly the opposite of fast fashion.

It's slow and it takes time. There are no factories pumping out style after style. Slow fashion brands focus on a set/solid collection of garments and use quality materials to make quality garments that will last for years to come in your wardrobe.

Slow fashion brands are concerned about the people making the garments and the impact their brand makes on the planet. They strive to pay their workers living wages, and offer happy working conditions. Slow fashion brands also often use sustainable practices in the production of their garments!

Slow fashion is not only a "type of fashion" but it is a lifestyle! It's all about pleasing the planet, supporting garment workers, and looking for quality pieces that will last wear after wear rather than a multitude of garments that will be worn a handful of times!


Shopping Consciously

As as slow fashion brand, another thing I like to promote is the idea of shopping consciously.This is a simple practice that can be used in all aspects of your day to day life.

The idea of shopping consciously means that before making a purchase, whether it is a garment, shoes, or even a beauty product is to think about or look into these couple of things:

1. Will I actually get significant use out of this?

2. Where was it made? Is this company ethical?

3. Does this product/company do anything to be more sustainable?


Slow Fashion at Isabella Eve Apparel

Sustainable Practices: In the production of our garments, we aim to please the planet! We use natural fibers, or dead stock materials. We save all scraps to be used in later projects, and make patterns that reduce the amount of scraps made. We are always looking for more ways to improve our sustainability.

Ethical Labor: As of right now, Isabella Eve Apparel is a one woman show. But as we grow and look to hire a staff, we will be sure to have a safe and clean workspace, and they will always be paid a living wage! We will always be 100% transparent with our business and how it is running!

Quality Garments: I take time making your garments! Our garments are made to order- this means all garments are made specifically for you when you purchase them! I put time properly finishing each garment with quality finishings so that you can get the most out of it! I truly hope you get to wear it and share it for years! If you ever need mending advice, just send us a chat!